Live jazz & classical piano evenings

Aqua has always been the house of good food and mood. Its only natural that we want to enhance the experiences. After the recent refurbishments the addition of the baby grand piano in gloss black has raised many eyebrows when welcomed into the restaurant in Coventry. The new bar and lounge of Aqua Food & Mood boasts a social and relaxed atmosphere which our clients enjoy. The access to nibbly mezze and tasty wines & cocktails and the buzzing shisha lounge make it a perfect place to gather with friends & families.



We have decided to enhance this experience with a live Pianist who will come and entertain you every Friday after a long stressful week at work. What a better way to start your weekend?! And what a better way to end your weekend with some fancy jazz notes every Sunday Eve with a few glasses of wine or beer or just a warm latte in the company of good guests & good hosts.

Take of your slippers and get out of the lounge wear and come out for some chillout sessions…….get in the mood!

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To your door...

As the lock down settles and our customers are feeling stressed by the unormality, we would like to keep the mood and good spirit with them. Therefore Aqua Food and Mood is still spreading the Lebanese experience into households via our take away and delivery system services.

Please note that the orders are being processed by Deliveroo and Just Eat platforms, and any inquiries regarding the order will have to be addressed to them first.
For delivery schedule please refer to their web page.